How Claim Teacher Tax Refunds relief for your job expenses

If you’re a taxpaying teacher working in the UK, you may well be eligible for a tax refund on any expenses for things such as professional fees, teaching equipment, and cleaning or maintaining a work uniform. Claims can be backdated up to 4 years.

As A Teacher What Can I Claim Back On Expenses?

Being A Teacher What

Many teachers, if they are in fulltime employment or a self-employed substitute teacher aren’t aware that they can claim tax back on work-related expenses. Below is a list of things Teacher Tax Refunds could claim on.

• Professional fees (teachers union)
• Subscription fees
• Teaching materials (textbooks and props)
• Travel costs (for temporary cover jobs)
• Protective gear (science teachers)
• Cleaning & maintaining work clothes (P.E teachers)
• Specialised sports equipment (P.E teachers)

How will you claim a teacher tax rebate?

It’s pretty simple. Just complete our online tax refund claim form.

When you get the Claim Pack, fill it out and return it to us together with your P60s and P45s. In the event that you still have to get these documents, we will help you your too.

It’s worth noting that as many of the allowable tax deductions are generally of low value, with fuel prices being the biggest contributor to a significant rebate. When you have doubts about whether you will be due a rebate, give us a call.

Professional Fees And Subscriptions

Tax can be claimed on professional fees such as unions and other professional bodies including NUT (national union of teachers) and NASUWT (national association of schoolmasters union of women teachers). The HM Customs & Revenue website has an approved set of which organizations are eligible for tax relief. Your subscriptions to magazines and textbooks for school use may be designed for a tax back claim. Any fees which may have been paid to an over-all teaching council are also qualified to receive a claim, even organizations that are actually obsolete.

Uniform Tax Rebates

If you’re a teacher that must wear and keep maintaining a uniform, anyone to could be able to claim a tax refund. Science teachers who need specialist equipment such as lab coats and safety goggles and physical education (P.E) teachers who use sportswear such as football boots, tracksuits and specialist equipment such a hockey sticks and tennis rackets can also submit an HRMC tax return if indeed they have used their own money to buy the equipment.

Mileage Allowance For Full-time And Substitute Teachers

You may be in a position to claim back on your mileage and fuel costs if you want to travel between schools, universites and colleges to fulfil your duties. If you’re permanently employed at one school, you should not claim a rebate for general commuting.

Where can I check my state tax refund status?

Your first port of call to check on the status of your refund is to phone 0300 200 3300. That’s HMRC. Lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday. Anticipate to give your name and address as well as your ten-digit tax reference code if you’re self-employed.

Is it possible to check your refund status online?

If you’re into filing electronically, you can examine your tax refund status on the website. You’ll find a simple questionnaire made to evaluate whether you’ve paid too much tax. Among other activities, that might be on pay from an ongoing or previous job, pension payments, redundancy payments or a self-assessment tax ret

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